Where was Dr. Presutto?

Doctor Presutto has been missing from the office for almost three weeks! He had the opportunity to join Operation Coal Country 2019.  Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) provides a vital training opportunity while providing no-cost medical, dental, and vision care for the community served.  This particular IRT served five counties in Eastern Kentucky from late July to mid-August.  A total value to the community of 1.17 million dollars was achieved and over 1800 patients were seen during the 7 days of patient care.

On the eye side of things, over 850 patients were seen and over 850 pairs of glasses were fabricated! NOSTRA partnered with this mission in order to provide on-site glasses fabrication.   This NOSTRA team consisted of active duty Navy and Army personnel, specifically trained and selected for mobile glasses fabrication.

During this mission, the participants and the citizens were visited by the White House.  Vice President Mike Pence came to discuss the successes of IRT, as well as the difficulties that the region is undergoing.  Doctor Presutto had the honor of briefing him on the optometric care provided by this program.