How Does a House Call Eye Exam Differ From an In-office Eye Exam?

Healthcare changes as most of the world does. One healthcare area seeing a substantial transformation is eye care. For example, some eye doctors don’t require you to visit their office for an eye exam. You can now have them come right to your home if you qualify and arrange for it. However, you may be wondering how this eye exam differs from a regular in-office examination. Read on to find out.


Convenience and Comfort of Home

One of the main distinctions of a housecall eye exam is the convenience and comfort it affords. Enjoying this crucial service in a familiar setting frees you of the need to travel to a clinic or office. This benefits people who find it challenging to travel, such as seniors or those with mobility impairments. The experience becomes more comfortable and less stressful in your home's familiar setting.


Comprehensive Eye Exam in a Familiar Setting

Regarding comprehensiveness, a housecall eye exam can thoroughly evaluate your eye health and visual acuity. Thankfully, the availability of capable, portable, and compact eye examination equipment has made this possible. Modern devices allow eye doctors to conduct specific eye tests away from their clinics. Home eye exams are capable of monitoring and treating various ocular conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, and more.


Personalized Attention and Communication

A housecall offers you personalized attention and communication with the eye care professional. In an in-office exam, there may be multiple patients waiting for service at the same time. This can result in limited one-on-one time with the eye doctor.

With a housecall eye exam, you can expect more focused attention from the eye doctor. The doctor will take the time to address your concerns, clarify the findings, and offer specific advice. This personalized attention and communication can help you better understand your eye health. It lets you make informed decisions about your eye care.


Advanced Technology and Equipment

While house calls occur in the comfort of your home, your doctor utilizes advanced technology and equipment to assess your eye health.

These include a handheld retinal camera, a visual field analyzer, an electroretinogram, a tonometer, and other necessary instruments for a comprehensive eye exam. Advanced technology and equipment ensure a high standard of care during your exam that is comparable to an in-office eye exam.



A house call differs from an in-office eye exam in the ways discussed above. Notably, they offer a convenient and practical option for those with difficulty traveling to a clinic or office. Also, they provide personalized attention and communication with the eye care professional.


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